Dedicated to my Favorite Love Song

In the mood for love, anyone? Well, actually this is the thing popped up in my head during vacuuming bedroom. Love Song and Dusty Room ... um ... nothing relevant, hahaha. By the way, I always wonder of other people's favorite love song. Like my mom, I know she loves Sir Paul McCartney's This Never Happened Before, or Chicago's The Beginning, they seem corny and mushy but they're her favorites.

For me, to choose which ONE is my favorite love song is the hardest thing to do. Because I really can't pick only one from my 'it-goes-on-like-forever list'. By the way, here are some of my favorites;

//////////////// You and Me Then? - The Radio Dept.

Only one sentence from the beginning to the end.It drown me. Overflow. Nothing more on the lyric but this sentence; 'I was afraid I wouldn't find you.' Say less and feel more, and it's the exact feeling of people in search of love, or in love, or trying to hold on to love, or even lost. I mean this is love, this is what people feel for love. And I, myself, think over about this only sentence repeatedly; Yes I was afraid, what if I wouldn't find that one?

//////////////// Bluish / Summertime Clothes - Animal Collective


I got a big crush for these two songs from my favorite band, Animal Collective. They're from the different album, but the same emotion. There's something in common between these two, they make me feel love without the word 'Love' in the lyrics. Otherwise, it's like you're taking drugs, and then you're really high, so you go out just to wandering around, but found that one then falling in love. Bluish is from Strawberry Jam, I love the whole ravishing track. It's the precise feelings of people in love. Nobody can feel this way if they're not in love, 
'I'm getting lost in your curls, I'm drawing pictures on your skin, so soft it twirls.' 
'I like the way you squeeze my hand, pulling me into another dream, a lucid dream.'
This stunning common thing is so amazing. The normal thing that becomes special in people that we're in love with.


Summertime Clothes is from Merriweather Post Pavillion, I do love every sentences, every words. It's only people that is in love who can produce this such wonderful lyric, people in love'd be able to understand this emotion. 

'We'll dance to the songs from the cars as they pass. 
Weave through the cardboard, smell that trash.
Walking around in our summertime clothes.'

Can you see how normal but strangely beautiful they are? I think it's romantic, even without the sickly sweet 'I'll love you forever' stuffs. Even the word 'Smell That Trash' also fucking romantic to me. Hahaha, a bit weird? But this is love, cause love is suppose to be weird. It ends with 'I want to walk around with you. Just you, just you, just you…' From self experience, I can surely tell you that if the only thing that seems matter, is just to walk with someone, there's a possibility that you got a big crush on him. Trust me, I used to feel this before, and I miss it so bad. Because with person you love, you have to add 'extra' as the prefix for 'ordinary'.

//////////////// Honey in the Sun - The Camera Obscura


Sweet is the only word for this song. It's love song, but in the different mood, it's cute and make me smile. 'I wish my heart was as cold as the morning dew but it's as warm as saxophones and honey in the sun for you.' Yes, yes, yes, I agree.

//////////////// Pale Blue Eyes - The Velvet Underground

I wouldn't fall too much for this song, if I'm not personally accidentally got a high impression on the pale blue eyes man. Dammit, Nara, you're so weak to fell for the pale blue eyes guy and obsessed to pale blue eyes song. Anyway, I did love this song before this 'lovestruck crap', but not THIS much! Then I found this man whose his eyes have the light shade of blue, who loves The Doors and reads Murakami's. I mean, I'm a little bit glad that finally, I could have one song that somehow utterly effected to my life. And the man I fell for is not the one with green eyes or black eyes or whatever but they're exactly pale and blue. And all my feelings to this song are blissful, obsessional, heart broken, speechless. Then came up like 'Yeah, finally in my life, there's the song that completely relate to someone.' By the way he'll never know this -- never know how much he meant to me, how much I unrequited in love with him, and how grateful I am that it's The Velvet Underground's song which reminds me of him. But, sadly, he probably doesn't know any goddamn things. Hahaha. So -- Linger on, your pale blue eyes ...


For those who accidentally passing by or read this post by chance or whatsoever, please leave your comment about your favorite love song, I'm fascinating about this, curious to know. :D


  1. Anonymous9/12/12 23:48

    Any colour you like - Pink Floyd
    Can't Take my eyes off You - Frankie Valli
    Hands - Four Tet
    Whats is the light? - The Flaming Lips
    The Lady in Red - Chris de Burgh

  2. Anonymous9/12/12 23:52

    I could tell seeing Builsh (AnCo) & Pale Blue Eyes (VU) at the same time that you got taste :)