Me, floating in some spaces.

It's been a while since last updated! I feel like a pathetic mess now, so I have to drain something out here to keep my head manageable. So, this entry will be a kind of endless randomness.


I've been to Kuchl, Austria. Such a lovely place. People are so nice and things are slower. I forget the whole fucked up world for a while. Wake up among the cold morning fog, is the best moment of the awakening.

Summer of Love party at Hellebæk, take a train for almost 2 hours until I reach the destination, the party is in the midst of the woods and we have to find the place where the party held by ourselves from the map. Very nice, very nice. It's Jens and Jakob's party with all those friendly strangers. Have a high impression on the guy with Frank Zappa's mustache name's Martin. Damn me that I realize this few days later -- so I have no chance to keep in touch with him again! Have some issues about my Asian thing and politeness, so I guess we just have to try to learn to accept each other. Btw, thanks all my folks for the best night ever and all those breathtaking performances. In the middle of some performance, the wind blows so heavily then I feel a bit cold so I'm off the tent to stand aside the bonfire. Then I see the tent blowing away and people just shouting out loud. At first we seem a little freeze in a moment but then we all can't help laughing! It's the moment to remember, really, which I'd love to call as the Beautiful Disaster, hahaha. So, that night we have to squeeze ourselves here and there inside the unable-to-be- fixed tent. What a nice night!

The Arcade Fire gig at Ballerup Super Arena, with Jakob and Jeffrey. At first I thought I might go there alone and have no idea where this fucking arena is, so I use Rejseplanen, which I must say that it's the one of my favorite thing in Danish convention. Just my luck that Jakob and Jeff will go there as well so I kinda tag along with them. The Arcade Fire is damn great, they start with Ready To Start and I keep crossing my fingers for Wake Up and Tunnels, and they play these 2 favorite songs of mine, hahahaha. Have a really nice time and interesting chat with these dudes. "Hey, don't smoke too much, it's unhealthy, you know?" Jakob says this to me. "Yeah, and the only reason I keep on smoking is just because I wanna be unhealthy, I want to destroy myself, so that's why I smoke." Me answer. Then he laugh and put his hand on my head and says "You're crazy, you are really insane." :D

I gain so much weight even if I know I shouldn't eat too much sweets, I read many book but never feel like it's enough, I'm greedy for knowing, I feel so old but not very wise (quoted from An Education), that's why I keep reading but I have to fight with my limitation of understanding. I watch many films and stuck with some lines for a long period of time. I love Miranda July and Sophie Calle, in some ways, these two women reflect one another, when I read something by July, I can't help thinking of Calle. When I encounter something by Calle, it reminds me of July. I miss my mom, my family, my friends, because here, I always in the situation of Don't Know Where To Put Myself In. I wish I could express more, type things directly from my head to the blank page of fake-wanna-be paper here. Will life ever be sane again?