When I Tell Everyone It's Good

To write about movie always make me feel uncomfortable. Just because I'm afraid that it'll lead to the misunderstanding and expectation from readers (in this case, I mean, for those who passing by -- as I'm not the famous blogger with tons of followers.) I personally love movie. I wish I could watch them every single day as my routine or as I drink 3 cups of coffee per day. When I have a conversation with people, I always talk about movie.  

"You watch Wong Kar Wai's?"
"No, never."
"Oh, you should try, it's good."

I hate myself sometimes when I add 'It's good' to every recommendation. It makes me feel like I brag around, like I totally know which one is good and which one is bad. I don't want people misunderstand me as a kind of snobby movie critic, which I personally hate. When I said it's good, I just want that people to sense it, not only watch it. I just wish that they could somehow feel the same emotion as mine when I watch. And it's the way to introduce my favorite movie to another people so it might become their favorite, too. When I say 'It's good', I just want to give my favorite movie a chance to be other's favorite as well.

And When I know I love that movie, it always because some exact moment or conversation in that movie which lead me to a big crush. Like this;