It's been a bit while since I long for summer. But here it comes, sooner than I thought. Picture myself sitting, soaking the sunlight all day, enjoying my ice cream, and listening to summer song with a favorite book in my hands. (so bad that I didn't bring 'My Summer of Love' with me) These might be a wonderful pleasure that only summer could bring.



Take a train to spend 7 hours at Copenhagen.
Buy a cup of hot cappuccino from Seven-Eleven, because it's the cheapest.
Costs 18 KR, even for the cheapest!
(Shit, I could buy Starbucks with this price in BKK)
Stop complaining and start sipping.
(Shit, Goddamn hot)
Visit the famous Nyhavn.
Take a short tourist ferry around the harbour.
Need some soft cream all the time.
It comes to the fact that the normal tiny soft cream will costs around 25 KR.
Stop that shitty starving daydream and try to get it out of my mind.
Walk around the town and see many breathtaking buildings from old days.
Miss my dad every time I see the orange brick buildings.
This kind of building always be his favorite,
And the statues as well.
There's a bunch of them here, so I think about dad much more than usual.
Found the first Urban Outfitters store, eye-popping.
Here it comes again, the soft cream dream!
Visit the Royal Palace.
Walk around the city.
Call mom.
Go to Tivoli.
Nothing special, just a bunch of people squeezing themselves in this place.
See many people licking their soft creams deliciously.
Here it comes again, I need a soft cream now!!
Hurt my toes.
Even more hurt.
I could feel that summer is now.
Because I take my jacket off and still sweating.
Anja so excite with my first sweats here since 2 weeks.
Back home.
(and yeah, no-soft-cream day)
PS. Copenhagen is where the crowd is.




Take my iPod,
Wear my Converse,
Put a warm scarf around my neck,
Walk out the door,
Get through the woods nearby the house,
Select my favorite playlist,
Here comes the result with a little help from my adorable camera. ((: