Gone Reading (:

I'll disappear from this blog for few days ... generally for reading and visit new places for inspirations. Here's some books for my summer reading, I got them from the most favorite place to hide -- library. The moment I found The Bell Jar, is the first thrilled moment for this week. 

I'll be back in 10 days.


I'll take my shoes for a walk.

Every time when I purchased new pair of shoes, I always feel awkward to wear them.

They're too new and too clean. And I don't feel comfortable using them at all. Just because I don't think they'll suit me perfectly. Every part of me is not that brand new, I wear my old tee, old jacket, old jeans, and even myself -- is not that new. So I feel this strange feeling every time. I have to make my new shoes dirty, I have to destroy their cleanness and neatness, to make them get used to my life, to give them a joy of stepping on the muddy dusty ground. Then I'll feel they finally has been a part of me.

Like today, I wake up in the morning and it's raining but I have this idea on my mind. I wear my new shoes for the first time. And I think; I'll take my shoes for a walk.

PS. Sunday Noise No.2


Marry me, Marie?

Almost finish 'No One Belongs Here More Than You'. I got 2 chapters left, but I paused it as always. Have you ever feel that for a period of time you've been carrying one book around, always find it in your bag, always dig it out of the messy bag and read it everywhere. Always feel safe and warm to know that it's in the bag. Always feel like you have a new friend, you want to know more about this new friend and you communicate to each other by reading? Time passes, you almost come to the last chapter, and then you suddenly realize that it's going to be over. So you become insecure and a little bit lost?

Yeah, I feel for every book that way. Always.

So, that's why I have to paused the current book and start to read the new one. Until I get used to that new one, then I'll back to the old book and finish it.


This is a kind of friend that I really have a good time with. It's interesting and weird and always surprises me. I have too much underlined part on this book. Why don't I met this kind of person in my real life?, I doubt, because if I met this kind of No One Belong Here More Than You person, I'll definitely keep him or her as a close friend.

By the way, I watched Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette again, for the zillion times. And every time after watching it, I'll keep listening to the Soundtrack.

Ceremony by New Order is my most favorite track.
I also wrote down; 'I want to dance with my groom in this song on our wedding day.' at my shitloads 'Things to do in Life' list.




Cause everything around me's changed.
But the garden that you planted remains.


PS. I do love the entire lyric, and it's the soundtrack of my life right this moment. (:



Washed Out - Good Luck
I wish this song could has 10 minutes long. And even if it's 20 minutes, I'll keep on repeating this forever anyway.


Dedicated to my Favorite Love Song

In the mood for love, anyone? Well, actually this is the thing popped up in my head during vacuuming bedroom. Love Song and Dusty Room ... um ... nothing relevant, hahaha. By the way, I always wonder of other people's favorite love song. Like my mom, I know she loves Sir Paul McCartney's This Never Happened Before, or Chicago's The Beginning, they seem corny and mushy but they're her favorites.

For me, to choose which ONE is my favorite love song is the hardest thing to do. Because I really can't pick only one from my 'it-goes-on-like-forever list'. By the way, here are some of my favorites;

//////////////// You and Me Then? - The Radio Dept.

Only one sentence from the beginning to the end.It drown me. Overflow. Nothing more on the lyric but this sentence; 'I was afraid I wouldn't find you.' Say less and feel more, and it's the exact feeling of people in search of love, or in love, or trying to hold on to love, or even lost. I mean this is love, this is what people feel for love. And I, myself, think over about this only sentence repeatedly; Yes I was afraid, what if I wouldn't find that one?

//////////////// Bluish / Summertime Clothes - Animal Collective


I got a big crush for these two songs from my favorite band, Animal Collective. They're from the different album, but the same emotion. There's something in common between these two, they make me feel love without the word 'Love' in the lyrics. Otherwise, it's like you're taking drugs, and then you're really high, so you go out just to wandering around, but found that one then falling in love. Bluish is from Strawberry Jam, I love the whole ravishing track. It's the precise feelings of people in love. Nobody can feel this way if they're not in love, 
'I'm getting lost in your curls, I'm drawing pictures on your skin, so soft it twirls.' 
'I like the way you squeeze my hand, pulling me into another dream, a lucid dream.'
This stunning common thing is so amazing. The normal thing that becomes special in people that we're in love with.


Summertime Clothes is from Merriweather Post Pavillion, I do love every sentences, every words. It's only people that is in love who can produce this such wonderful lyric, people in love'd be able to understand this emotion. 

'We'll dance to the songs from the cars as they pass. 
Weave through the cardboard, smell that trash.
Walking around in our summertime clothes.'

Can you see how normal but strangely beautiful they are? I think it's romantic, even without the sickly sweet 'I'll love you forever' stuffs. Even the word 'Smell That Trash' also fucking romantic to me. Hahaha, a bit weird? But this is love, cause love is suppose to be weird. It ends with 'I want to walk around with you. Just you, just you, just you…' From self experience, I can surely tell you that if the only thing that seems matter, is just to walk with someone, there's a possibility that you got a big crush on him. Trust me, I used to feel this before, and I miss it so bad. Because with person you love, you have to add 'extra' as the prefix for 'ordinary'.

//////////////// Honey in the Sun - The Camera Obscura


Sweet is the only word for this song. It's love song, but in the different mood, it's cute and make me smile. 'I wish my heart was as cold as the morning dew but it's as warm as saxophones and honey in the sun for you.' Yes, yes, yes, I agree.

//////////////// Pale Blue Eyes - The Velvet Underground

I wouldn't fall too much for this song, if I'm not personally accidentally got a high impression on the pale blue eyes man. Dammit, Nara, you're so weak to fell for the pale blue eyes guy and obsessed to pale blue eyes song. Anyway, I did love this song before this 'lovestruck crap', but not THIS much! Then I found this man whose his eyes have the light shade of blue, who loves The Doors and reads Murakami's. I mean, I'm a little bit glad that finally, I could have one song that somehow utterly effected to my life. And the man I fell for is not the one with green eyes or black eyes or whatever but they're exactly pale and blue. And all my feelings to this song are blissful, obsessional, heart broken, speechless. Then came up like 'Yeah, finally in my life, there's the song that completely relate to someone.' By the way he'll never know this -- never know how much he meant to me, how much I unrequited in love with him, and how grateful I am that it's The Velvet Underground's song which reminds me of him. But, sadly, he probably doesn't know any goddamn things. Hahaha. So -- Linger on, your pale blue eyes ...


For those who accidentally passing by or read this post by chance or whatsoever, please leave your comment about your favorite love song, I'm fascinating about this, curious to know. :D


Should I ask for more?


At 9.00 pm

Sitting on the old wooden couch.
I can feel the mellow cold breeze on my skin.
The wind that shakes those grasses.
The last ray from the sun that cast the shadow of leaves.
The smell of fresh grass that regenerated.
The different shades of lights.

I'm sitting there, listening to Grizzly Bear's Knife.
and then this once in a lifetime feeling came to me,

-- satisfied.

I realized, from that moment, I finally feel satisfied.
I need no one, I need nobody.
Only me with all these simplicity creatures,
what else could I ask for more?


My Journal to Roskilde Festival 2011

Hey, finally, I have to post something to remind myself and recall memories from this such enormous festival, Roskilde 2011. Four days and nights there, is such a great gigantic wonderful moment, things happened. Four days that changed my life forever, it sounds mushy -- I know, but so true. The mixture of various feelings. Priceless experience.

//////////////////// First Day; June 30

Mostly alone and everything is so brand new. I watch Tame Impala, Foals and PJ Harvey. They're all so fucking great, especially PJ Harvey!!! After I finish PJ Harvey's gig at 23.00 I try to find my way back home. (Oh, my home is like around the corner, that's my luck to take only 15 minutes walk instead of 8 days in the tent.) As a tiny asian woman wander around all by myself, I take the motto of 'Always flow with the crowd.' But it proves that I took the wrong motto! Because I flow with the crowd, then ended up to the wrong exit! I try to ask every staffs there like "Do you know this street?" Two hours later with the fucking pain on my legs and feet, I pop up to another side of the town!, WTF? It's getting darker and solitary, then I found this harmless looking guy, so I ask the direction for the road I'm living. He said it's another side of the town and it's too far to walk, and if I don't mind he can give me a ride cause he has to use that way to Copenhagen anyway. Because of all the tiredness and desperately lost, I said yes. So, this nice and completely stranger who works in the Orange Stage for his thesis took me home, safely!

Tame Impala 


//////////////////// Second Day; July 1
First arrive at 16.00 to get ready to The Raveonettes's gig. Sit on the grass, which is still dry and clean in front of the Orange Stage. I got 3 Beers from home so I can get sober just on time, all I need while waiting is my iPod and some ciggs. The Raveonettes!! You've never let me down, the opening song is Recharge & Revolt!!!! Look in the schedule for another band I need to watch, which suppose to be How To Dress Well. But the thing is, I can't fucking find the Gloria stage!!! I walk here and there and look on the map but still can't find it. Until this guy come to me and ask something in Danish -- then ended up with something calls friendship. I go to Portishead with these guys, along with the friendly atmosphere. I got another 3 Beers and Red Wine, then White Wine, then some shots, then 1 inhale of joint. What else can I say? -- the mood right that moment is so perfect for Portishead gig!! After drunk and all, we still have more energy to dance together at M.I.A.'s. It's 1.00 and dark and rain, but we have so much fun!! I left the concerts around 4.00 in the morning.

The Raveonettes 


//////////////////// Third Day; July 2
Last night I was so drunk then I decided to sleepover at my friend's camp. Wake up at noon and go out for The Tallest Man on Earth. After all that long and exhausted night, I carry hungover condition home. Take a bath and go back again at 7.00pm, never forget 2 glasses of Beer before leaving. Suppose to meet all my new friends but I went there 15 minutes late, so alone again, naturally. hahaha It's quiet a bit lonely but calm and fine, though. The weather sucks, it's raining heavily. The muds and cold breeze just everywhere. After hiding and squeezing myself in a roof, I have a short conversation with another Danish people. It was nice. Then 19.30 the time for the most looking-forward-gig, Arctic Monkeys! (Because I choose Arctic Monkeys, I have to left James Blake behind, it's almost the same time -- so, no gain with no pain.) Arctic Monkeys, in my opinion, is just nice but not that nice as I expected. After this, I walk around with the mud all over my beloved Converse just to occupied my time for The Strokes. 22.30, here they comes, The Strokes!! The rain's still falling down, as well as the alertness and amusement of people. They rock the stage, they're fucking rule the world. I love the way Julian entertains the crowd. Still got some energies left, so I went to Arena stage for my beloved Lykke Li. This is the one and only gig that I went in the waiting line to become one of those people in the front row. And there's no disappointment -- it's a fucking worth thing to do and it's one of a few right decision in my life. Lykke Li is Goddess, she rules the world, even more than The Strokes! There's no word that has the ability enough to explain my feeling inside.

Arctic Monkeys 

The Strokes 


Lykke Li!! 

//////////////////// Fourth Day; July 3
The LAST day of the festival! I should probably be there at 12.00 for I was a King, but with a huge amount of exhaustion, I decided to sleep longer. First arrive at 16.00 with the high rate of intension to watch The Walkmen. After all those sucks weather, this is the only sunny day of the festival. So it's time to dress well, I wear black short skirt with my ex's Sonic Youth tee, put a jacket on and rain boots, (because my Converse turned to be Muddyverse), then sitting at the Odeon stage. Just a minute before they start, this guy come to me and asked; Do you like this band? I don't like them, I LOVE them!; I replied. Then we have a short conversation and he said; Can you see anything from here? I told him that I can't see shit anyway, it happens in all of the concerts, I get used to it, I can just wallow the moment and the sound. So he said; If they're your favorite, you should go further to the front so you can watch them closely. Then, this 30 or something completely stranger offers his hand and lead me to the front!!! The Walkmen, probably be the first gig that I can watch this close! By the way, it comes a little disappointment. I mean, they're great, it's nice, but maybe it's my fault that I expected too much. When it ended, me and the benefactor -- whose later known as Yannick, grab some beers and be accompany. I have a nice talk with Yannick, about life and Danish people and Denmark, and stuffs. He's Canadian who also 'on pot' and has the skill of comforting people and throw away dead-air. We go to Gloria stage that I can't fucking find the past day, and enjoy our fake stoned moments with Gold Panda. At 20.00 he have to go back to Copenhagen and need my advice for Thai meal to go,  so I recommended Kang Ped Pak (แกงเผ็ดผัก) Then we parted, and I have to wait until Kings of Leon concert at 22.00 So, back to the basic -- all by myself again, decide to occupied my time at The Poetry Hall. This place is goddamn cool, it's dark and no shitloads of people, with small pools all over the place and books everywhere. You can go there and hiding yourself from the usual bored - to - death - crowd. I try to find a book to read, but they're all in Danish, so I just sit, light my cigg, and turn on my iPod. Then, accidentally saw this long red curly hair girl with the Boho dress. It's one of my new friend I've met the other day, I run to them, it was such a surprise encounter. Then I have accompanyist again! Enjoy a few minutes at Battles and go to the Memorial Stone to meet another guys. Then the last gig, Kings of Leon. After uncountable glasses of Beer and Cider, it was so fucking fun, amused, but fade in the memories as well. It's like the collapsed picture and all come in bits and pieces. I having so much fun, many good times, too much alcohol, that I can't even take some pictures to remember Kings of Leon in frame. But, I do capture all in my heart.

I remember the coolest moment that blows me away,

I remember the part of 'Use Somebody' song,

I remember the crowd shouting 'You, your sex is on fire.' -- extremely loud.

I remember the way I dance with my friend.

I remember my pee pal (hahaha, yes, that's right -- pee pal!!)

I remember my happiness.

and all of these long exhausted four days just make me full -- of joy.


The Walkmen 


Kent for the ticket, Anja for the understanding
Jens for trying to caught my attention
Yannick for leading me to the front and all those conversations
The unknown orange stage thesis guy that took me home
Jakob, another Jakob, Marie, Aline, August, Jeffrey, Adam, Christine, you guys are so nice to me!


Thanks Roskilde Festival for the moment I'll remember for life.

Extras: List of Nara's experiences from the Festival

- I peed in all kind of toilets, the gross one, the fucking smelly one, the long line one but except the one with the pipe to make us female pee like a male.
- Wear your rain boots next time.
- Don't expected things, it comes by its own way.
- Try to make a fool decision and walk out your comfort zone because out of that zone -- is the way your real life begin.
- Say yes more and more. Okay, I know we have some limits for yes, but in the festival time -- it's the exception.
- Save water, drink beer.
- Examine the exits and all stages so you won't missed any gigs or got home with stupid excuses for the pain in your legs.
- Don't mind the drunkards and stoners, they really just want to have fun.
- The idea of 'Take a Good Care of Each Other' is so fucking cool.
- Go back again, don't missed the chance, if really can't -- then find the way!!!!!!
- Skip the 'Can't See Shit' moment, and reach for whatever you can get, fuck the vision, don't only watch it but feel it!
- Left all worries of outside cruel reality world behind and fucking enjoy this goddamn festival.
- Prepare yourself because you'll surely smell the unique scents of pee and poo and have to walk through all muddy yucky ground -- it's gross and unpleasant, right? But if asking; Will I go back there again? my answer will be "Motherfucking YES, Skål!!!!"